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The Digital Thinker:
"Digital Collection of Phrases, Quotes, Thoughts, with scheduled exhibition"


This application has the specialty of displaying those "catch phrases" uttered by greats of humanity, or even anonymous, which are marked in our mind to hear them or read them. Generally, women, for example, younger women, like to collect thoughts and phrases that draw attention to them. Men, too, feel an interest in phrases and thoughts, even with a different source of motivation for them We know there are many phrases and thoughts throughout the world, and that includes the Internet itself. The idea of the Thinker and join many of this thoughts and phrases, allowing the user to view /read /print and even send (via email) these thoughts. Some criticize the use of clichs known dunrante one informal conversation with alqum ... The fact is, with hundreds of thoughts gathered in this program, there will always be a phrase that jumps to our eyes, and when read, jump to our ears when pronounced.


The Thinker aims to bring together hundreds of phrases and thinkinks effect, giving access to them, allowing printing, reading, viewing schedule, registration of new quotes and other features. The Thinker is intended for all those who seek to "gather quotes, short thinkings and other catchphrases in one place"

System Requirements

The Thinker Digital Lite is a lightweight program, running in various configurations. For example, it has been tested on a K6 /2 500Mhz, as well as an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, 3GB RAM and ran successfully. It is believed, however, that the same configurations will behave well in well below this!

Application Screenshots

The Thinker Screen: Thinking Statue Skin, Digital Marquee and menu options enabled

The Thinker Screen: Skin balloon thinking and Digital Marquee

The Thinker Screen: Skin Color and Marquee Digital Frame

Marquee Digital Thinker positioned in the upper right corner of the desktop let you do your work without seeing your favorite quotes!

With the Thoughts Scheduler, it is possible to schedule the date and time that a thought will appear on your screen: Ideal for refreshing your mind with good quotes at the right time!

OPDLT: Complete with or without advertising
The Software is for unrestricted use, but with placement of advertising. If you purchase a license, the Thinker Digital will serve no more such messages
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