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Couple - You Family, Your Home
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The Holy Bible Digital Version
THBVD - The Holy Bible Digital Version

A Free Eletronic Bible for PC

The Holy Bible Digital Version (THBDV) is the bible in his version to Personal Computer users.

The Main objective of this work is to provide people access to bible in a digital media, considering that this way of information storage is the most utilized in lots of areas.

License: Free | Size: 13,3 MB | System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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Recipe Notebook Digital Version
RNDV - Recipe Notebook Digital Version

See how to have all recipes in only one place

This program is designed to display, store and manage thousands of recipes classified in various categories.

The recipes are arranged in a paged way: It is really a "virtual book" of recipes! You can browse through the most diverse and delicious recipes, delete, edit and change the content according to your taste. With a nice and intuitive interface, Recipe Notebook Digital Version is what those who are fascinated by the secrets of the kitchen wait for: Allows you to browse from over 300 different recipes and can print from your computer and go straight to the kitchen!

License: Free | Size: 14,9 MB | System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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Search All in Church
SAIC - Search All in Church

An Church Attendance Management Software that gives "ADVICES" to you!

The Search All in Church (SAIC) aims to register information and enable the monitoring of a member / gathered / visitor inside the church. The Program advise you fill in the information optimized for a particular person to be able to follow it and find it easily.

The Search All in Church! intended for all those seeking "Knowing where a particular member / gathered / visitor to give the same attention and support " and " organize your member archive and access it quickly "

License: Free to Try | Size: 859 KB (<1MB) | System: Windows XP/Vista/7
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The Thinker Digital
Know more about TKD - The Thinker Digital

Gather quotes, short thoughts, and other catchphrases in one place

The Thinker Digital (TKD) aims to bring together hundreds of effect-phrases and thinkings, giving access to them, allowing printing, reading, viewing, recording of new thinkings and other features.

You can view those "catchphrases ", pronounced by greats of humanity, or even anonymous, which are marked in our mind when you eventually have heard (or read) them!

License: Free (adware) | Size: 961 KB (<1MB) | System: Windows XP/Vista/7
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Find Form! (Medical and Odontological)
FINDF - Find Form! (Medical and Odontological)

Say goodbye to clutter the records of yours patients

This program aims to link the number of patient's form to his informations, organizing the organizer employee life in his works of steel (or wood ... plastic. ..) file

The Find Form! is intended for all those who seek organize their patient records, and access them quickly

License: Free to Try | Size: 605KB (<1MB) | System: Windows XP/Vista/7
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